Growing Green for UIC  provides donors with the opportunity to learn about and contribute to causes that support UIC’s sustainability goals, including ecosystem conservation, environmental and climate justice, equitable economic and environmental development, and on-campus sustainability.

With over 100 funds to choose from, interested donors can find a giving opportunity that not only supports the college or department of their choosing but also supports the advancement of environmental and social equity on campus. As UIC strives to be a carbon neutral campus by 2050, contributions to sustainability at UIC will make a tangible impact toward creating a learning environment for students that models environmental and social responsibility.

UIC is truly a learning lab for all who spend time working, living, and studying on campus. Your contribution to all Growing Green for UIC-identified funds will support UIC’s role as a leader in sustainability in higher education and will ensure that our students, employees, and visitors can look to UIC’s campus for a paragon of an environmentally and socially responsible community.

Headshot of Dr. Cynthia Klein-Banai, UIC Director of Sustainability

As Chicago’s only public research university with more than 33,000 students, part of our mission is to prepare students to solve critical problems in the city of Chicago and beyond. In addition to providing educational opportunities for students, we have also committed to become a Carbon Neutral university by 2050, through zero waste, biodiversity, and net zero water strategies.

Dr. Cynthia Klein-Banai  |  UIC Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director of Sustainability

Climate Action and UIC

UIC plays a special role in tackling the challenges of climate change and ecological degradation. Not only is it our collective responsibility to eliminate the carbon emissions that occur from our campus operations, but it is also the role of UIC as Chicago’s only public research university to educate and equip students to adequately address the challenges of the 21st century.

Leading by example ensures that we fulfill both of these responsibilities, by playing an active role in developing and applying climate solutions, as well as providing a model of sustainable and equitable excellence–in the form of a carbon-neutral campus–that students can interact with, enjoy, and learn from every day.


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